In the classroom the past couple of days…..

Been sharpening my pencil and doing more homework the past two days than I did all four years of college.  Of course my homework now is slightly more enjoyable.  I took a class called History of Sports, yes I am serious History of Sports.  I felt so guilty when I signed up for that.  Ever hear of the expression too good to be true?  Um ehhhhhhhhhh, BINGO!!!  If I hadnt had a mother that specialized in study habits and had the patience of Job himself, I would of failed that like a Michael Irvin piss test.  Ok enough about college…….where was I.  Ah yes, I have been scanning and mapping the past two days and I really believe I have found some great deep water spots that sooner or later are going to pay big dividends.  It all comes back to that “P” word and no not the Michael Irvin “P” word, I am talking about patience.  The fish out there are not wanting that bait to move more than a few inches at a time.  The c-rig has not been the ticket at all.  Very sad for me to say, but its the truth.  T-rigged flukes and flukes on the Ball n Chain by has been the ticket and I’m serious, move the bait seeeeeeeeeellllllloooooooow.  We are talking, “hey my finger nail just grew 1/1,182 of an inch” type slow.  I have one more study hall tomorrow, then its exam time and back to work.  My mom would be proud that I am not just “winging” it.  There are some navigational issues that will be discussed in tomorrow’s blog.


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