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Falcon Report

In the classroom and repair shop

By July 15, 2012No Comments

Late blog entry…. Been veeeeeerrrry busy today. Had the day off today and hit the water early with my neighbor and did a lot of scouting. We had a great time today and when I go out with him it’s not about catching fish, it’s about fellowship. Did we catch fish you ask? Why certainly. We got off the water early so that I could spend quality time with the family and rip apart the front of my boat. The U bolt that the winch hook attaches to broke on me about a month ago. Ranger sent me a new one and I finally got around to throwing it on there. See pics. Back to work tomorrow. I have two days on the books with parents who brought their 11 year daughter with them to experience falcon lake. They are certainly in the running for cool parents of the year award. Taking families fishing is something that I take great pride in being successful at. I will have a full report on how we fare tomorrow.