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Falcon Report

I’m a bachelor for two more days……

By July 19, 2013July 21st, 2013No Comments

…..looking forward to the return of my girls. Everyone has had a good time from all the reports that I have heard. I went timber jumping again today and man you have to flip/pitch 100 trees per bite. When you do get bit it isn’t worth a rooty toot poot. I stuck with it today for what seemed like 4 days and not 4 hours. These ditches and drains that I fished today were on fire this time last year. News flash… ain’t last year. I am going to continue to comb the twigs though. I have some awesome return clients coming in soon and they like the hand to hand combat. I am going to avoid the Saturday circus and will be back at it Sunday. Next on the agenda will be to check the river and Salado for any signs of life. I did catch some quality fish today though, but as you can see by the pic I had to “cheat” in order to get em……