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Falcon Report

I want to wish the Bass Elite Pros the best of luck……

By March 18, 2013No Comments

My business and the businesses of others here in town could use a great showing here by the worlds best fishermen. My parents are in town and my dad is pumped up to take in the event. I have 7 “spots” where this tournament can be won. I will be interested to see how many Pros find these spots. 4 of the “spots” I would consider community holes and they will get pounded. The dam will be very popular, but will they find the pile of rocks the size of a Yugo? and be able to figure how to set up the boat on that pile in a ENE wind in order to get the fish to bite? Patience, patience, patience, patience. There are a lot of question marks right now on Falcon. Just when I think the deep bite will be here to stay it disappears. Just when I think you can’t catch a big fish shallow all heck breaks loose 2 or 3 times my last two trips with young Mr. Axl. These pros do not have the level of understanding of Falcon that the local guides here do. That’s a fact. If I were an Elite Pro I would work hard during practice to find a few shallow water areas that are holding fish…..3 lb fish. Then I would work my tail off to find one or two deep water areas that are a stone throw away from the where they located the shallow fish. Creek and drain edges with trees, bushes or rocks would be a high priority for the pros to locate. This tournament will not be won on deep structure alone. There just is not enough bites out there…..plain and simple. You have some serious stones if you decide to roll the dice on getting 5 keeper bites on deep structure, trust me.


Here is how I would attack Falcon this week:


Thursday – 6:30 am Grab my pitching sticks and head for the creek/drain edges with varying types of wood. I would not be afraid to throw a blade either. Once a 15 + lb limit has been caught, I would head deep hopefully around 11 o’clock. I would spend the last 4 hours trying to get 2 bites and hopefully get both in and end the day with a 25 lb bag.


Friday – 6:30 am I would approach this day differently because of the early North wind predictions. I would head deep right off the bat……get my 2 bites before those strong North wind gusts start putting waves over the bow, Then go get protected and grind out a limit. A 20 lb bag will be a good bag today.


Saturday – 6:30 am The North wind will still play a role today and again I would be more inclined to get my deep bites first. With better wind forecasts I believe a 25 lb will be good to have.


Sunday – 6:30 am The ole North isn’t done yet. My approach to today would be dependent on where I am on the leaderboard. If I’m sitting in 7th-12th I am going all in and pushing for a lil Falcon magic which still does exist. If I am sitting in the upper half of the leaderboard I would certainly make dang sure I bring a 20 lb sack to the scales. The shallow water safety blanket would be big for me. I really think the winner of the tournament will get a 30 + lb bag Sunday and come from back in the pack………..I love me some Falcon magic.


Some predictions:


Winner: Keith Combs @102 lbs

Big fish: 11.30



My goal this week will be to enjoy time with my family. I was going to take dad to Amistad for a few days while the pros are here, but truth is Amistad is in bad shape right now. If you think Falcon is fishing tough…..yikes. Staying out of the pros way will not be a problem. Two Saturdays ago my clients and I saw maybe 5 boats all day. We had Basschamps and springbreakers in town which put 200+ boats on the water. I work hard to find areas off the beaten path…..that’s where the ole man and I will be when we aren’t eating popcorn in front of the Dam. lol.



I will not be posting much this week with the folks in town. I will be “Tweating” a lot though, from the water. Go to and add @highstakesbass



Have a great week everyone and thanks for reading.