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Falcon Report

I take full responsibility….

By April 15, 2013No Comments

Bob had a true Walrus on and probably his personal best.  I’ll cut to the chase.  I pulled a Danny (my buddy/web guy) and I beat the son of $%^$^ off with the net.  It has been well documented how TERRIBLE my boat’s luck has been with landing walruses of late.  I made up my mind if Bob’s fish gave me a chance I was gonna go after her.  Dumb.  Tough pill to swallow.  We had a few big bites today that came unglued that we never saw, those are easier to take.  Crankbait fishing…..grrrrrr.  We also caught another big cat, but not as big as a couple of days ago.  Bob and Paul will be back at it tomorrow.  I sure hope we can get a few picture fish IN the boat as opposed to the dink fest that was today.  I think we are going to bust out the spinnerbait for tomorrow.