I started the day as 10lbs or bust…..ended it 10lbs and STUCK



Go ahead laugh…….get it out.







still not done?





Ok, ok, ok stop already. Jim Carey had nothing on me at the end of the day.




How did the above happen? Ok I will come clean. I didn’t put it in 4 wheel drive. I know, I know…..dumb. Yep. I put it in 4 wheel drive, but at that point I was stuck and the truck would not lock into 4 wheel drive. Luckily my truck didn’t stall and these two fine men came to my aid and yanked my skaggly butt out with their monster Ford truck.




Thanks again Chuck and Mike!!!!! I would also like to thank Tommy Law. I called him and he was heading to Falcon Lake Tackle to get a chain. He was coming to get me before he even hung up the phone. That’s after guiding all day and being an hour away from me. That tells you right there what type of guy Tommy is…..Thanks man.


I thought for a moment I was gonna be the next poster child for Allstate…..


all state




Ok enough about all that…..what about the fishing?




We had a monster day. That 40.14 could of EASILY been 44 to 46 lbs.

Troy had the kicker



We had a few walruses that didn’t make it to this scale. We cranked until their arms fell off so losing fish is just gonna happen. It’s part of the deep crank game. I always look forward to seeing Troy and Karl. They are back at it tomorrow with Tommy and I hope they CRUSH em. I have another return client on the books for tomorrow as well. David had so much fun last month he decided to bring his son Landon down with him this time. I can’t wait.



cant wait












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