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I love Falcon Lake

Today was El Tigre day and boy it started out slow… am I gonna get skunked today? slow. Now let me come clean. A big part of today’s slow start was do to this.


Yeah I wanted to catch a topwater fish on these horny toads. James at Falcon Lake Tackle has gotten me all in a froth over these topwater fish he’s been talking about. Well Highstakesbassin fans, its not the first time Ole James has sold me on a Falcon Lake topwater bite. Let’s turn the clock back 4 or 5 years. James posted a pic on his website of a chug bug that looked as though he had drug it around behind his truck in the parking lot. Soooooo Dad and I raced to Zapata (from 26 hours away) to score on this chug bug bite. We hit Zapata and headed straight for Falcon Lake Tackle with one thing on our minds……Chug Bug. We ran in and cleared the shelves as only Dad can…



Yep…..there they are. You ask, “well how many fish have you caught on them bugs?”


Love ya James xoxoxoxo

Holy side track batman…..back to today. After putting away the toads and a few moves later it got real. I ended the day on an even 20 fish in about 6 hours of fishing. A lot of the damage came off the drop shot. You can read about d shot and the other lures used  by me on Facebook.

Speaking of Facebook. My good friend Elmo calls me today and he is acting all serious. I’m thinking, “ut o what did I do to Elmo!” He proceeds to say “ok Jay, don’t you lie to me…..what size minnow were you using on that drop shot”

M13Dr. Phil


Have a great weekend everyone. I think the wind and sickly kids will keep me off the water this weekend, but I might sneak out and if I do I’ll let ya’ll know.




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