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Falcon Report

I knew it was gonna be a tough day when……..

By December 5, 2012No Comments

I backlashed the toilet paper roll first thing in the morning. (see pic….lol) Well I took out Oklahoma’s Finest and we had a great time to say the least. Most of the jokes unfortunately will have to remain “off air” as I try, yes try to keep this a family orientated report for all ages. After all, I know Marvelous Makayla the Walrus Hunter is out there reading somewhere. (hope all is well MAKAYLA!!) Buddy and Dan unfortunately didn’t have a day where the fish were very cooperative, but that certainly didn’t prevent them from having a good time. The lunch was awesome even if the fishing was not. lol. With all that said if we would have been in a tourney I don’t think we would have lost. We had nearly a 37 lb bag, with a 9 lb kicker and the smallest fish we caught all day was a four and half. I know what you are thinking how can you call that a bad day. We only caught 7 fish and I am sorry, but that makes for a long day. I also dumb lucked into the 9 lb kicker and a couple other biguns. Exhibit A, I threw my crankbait out and backlashed. It lands 10 feet from the boat in 30 ft of water mind you. Next thing you know bait fish start popping around it. Dan says it would be funny if a bass hits it sitting there. Well the bass didn’t hit it sitting there, but it did after two cranks down….lol. Freaking amazing. Towards the end of the day I don’t think I have ever seen 3 grown men laugh so hard in my life. We were sitting on a spot watching the clouds roll by and I tell Dan to turn and look at something behind him. He does and that time I take my rod tip and smack his line. Thank god, and I am serious, that Dan was sitting on the floor. He set the hook soooooo hard that he nearly tumbled out of the boat and he was SITTING on the floor. My ribs still hurt. My family and I went to the steakhouse to eat and in walked Buddy and Dan. Couple minutes go by and I ask for my bill and the waitress informs me that it has been taken care of. That paints just a small picture of what those two gentlemen were about. All day Buddy had been wanting a fish with some “girth” well as you can see by the pic below he got em one, just shy of 8 lbs. Thanks again for the opportunity fellas.