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Falcon Report

I have no idea how people like David……

By October 30, 2013No Comments

….Keep finding their way to my boat. If I have said it once I have said it a thousand times. I am blessed to say the least. Today was another great day on Falcon. David could do no wrong for the first 2 hours it seemed. He was a straight up fish catching machine. Today’s problem was the lack of big bite. To my knowledge we only had one giant on today. It was my turn to get abused and I sure did. Please folks, if I can give you all one piece of advice right now….bring HEAVY equipment. 25 lb fluoro is the MINIMUM that should even be attempted to be used right now. I was using 25 lb fluoro when that beast broke me off….now mind you did my line probably have a nick or two from going through the jungle crap? I am sure it did and that’s why you need the heaviest line possible and check it often. For spinnerbaits and chatterbaits I am using 65 to 80 lb braid thanks to a recommendation from Tommy Law. I am still using 25 lb test fluoro on my plastics and if I stay in this crap much longer I will have to go to an 80 lb braid main line to 40 or 50 lb fluoro leader. It’s heart breaking to say the least to be under powered and lose a potential fish that you have been hunting for years.


Drive safe David and build a snowman for me when ya get home…