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Falcon Report

I hate excuses……

By January 30, 2013No Comments

….I really do. If I were in a fight with Falcon Lake the last two days my corner would have thrown in the towel after today.




But luckily Frank and Paul are professional fishermen as well. They both guide in Canada for MONSTER smallies. Soooooo if you are getting your Arse kicked these guys are good to have in your corner. We are still on our feet and we know we are behind on the scorecard. Tomorrow is it, round three of a three round fight and we are looking for the knockout.



Stat central:

4 bites

1 break off

1 fish caught

Kicker: a shade over 5 lbs (pictured)


These guys fish deep all the time on Erie and REALLY wanted to bust some fish in the trees this trip. Move over Pauly Bunyan…….


paulbunyan copy


Wind out of the South tomorrow morning at 4 mph…..wooooooooooooot!