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“I don’t want this day to end!” – Chris at 12 noon

Today was spectacular yet again and we had 5 walruses on. How many boated? Just one……




I know you are going to ask and the answer is I didn’t weigh it. Why? I didn’t want to be the one to boat a fish like that. Did Chris have his shot at fish like the one pictured? Absolutely…..4 to be exact. For those that trophy hunt you know it takes more than skill to boat one of these beasts. Takes a lot of luck. This one had me tangled up in more bark than I care to admit and thought I was gonna break her off at any second, but she got herself untangled and swam out. Caught a break. Now before all you go out and have a pity party for Chris…..he caught probably 40 fish today and many fish in the 5 pound range. (we weighed one of em to just see exactly what it weighed….went 4.75) To say we had a great time out there would be the understatement of 2014. Check out the Video below. Chris had a rod ripped out of hands by a Falcon Lake bully. I’m serious…ripped out of his hands. Chris showed cat like reaction time and dove for the rod saving it from the bottom of the lake… Here is the video of Chris and his new grip on the rod. (no romo)

popcorn gif


Good times and yes I am grateful that Chris was able to get the rod back……it was one of my Falcon/Type R combos.




Here are a few of the solid fish Chris boated today.


IMG_5053[1]  IMG_5051[1]

IMG_5050[1]  IMG_5047[1]


Got a tough client to please tomorrow. I will report back to let you know if she gets her money’s worth.




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