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I didn’t think I would have to break out……..

By April 24, 2013No Comments



…..the cold weather gear again, but here we are. Morning temps tomorrow morning will be in the upper 40’s. Ugh. Luckily I had the day off today as this front blew in and I do mean bllllllllleeeeeewwwwww in. My clients for the next 3 days have had this trip booked for nearly a year. They have one thing working for them….they are from Illinois and I have had some GREAT trips with folks from Illinois. Speaking of Illinois….you remember my man Brock from Illinois?



His dad shot me a pic on his birthday a couple of weeks back. Ole Brock was doing a lil Walrus hunting in Illinois on his Birthday.




Ahhhhh yeah, working that offshore structure like a champ.





Clients are renting my equipment.  With a 35 degree temperature drop, we are going for reaction strikes.





Any questions?