I didn’t think I would have to break out……..



…..the cold weather gear again, but here we are. Morning temps tomorrow morning will be in the upper 40’s. Ugh. Luckily I had the day off today as this front blew in and I do mean bllllllllleeeeeewwwwww in. My clients for the next 3 days have had this trip booked for nearly a year. They have one thing working for them….they are from Illinois and I have had some GREAT trips with folks from Illinois. Speaking of Illinois….you remember my man Brock from Illinois?



His dad shot me a pic on his birthday a couple of weeks back. Ole Brock was doing a lil Walrus hunting in Illinois on his Birthday.




Ahhhhh yeah, working that offshore structure like a champ.





Clients are renting my equipment.  With a 35 degree temperature drop, we are going for reaction strikes.





Any questions?







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