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Falcon Report

I cheated today……..

By April 4, 2014No Comments

……yeah we got 10 bites and boated 6 fish with the biggest going 5.93 caught by Todd, but I had to go to the bank to do it. We battled the wind and waves offshore until 11 o’clock. (with ZERO bites to show for it) Warren mentioned sea sick and that was enough for me… I am proud of our day and it could of been a really good day if Todd manages to land his walrus, but it buried him into a retama and broke him off. We worked incredibly hard to get that bite. We were all bummed. Tomorrow’s wind forecast looks to be all over the map…..gonna hit the hay and hope for the best when I wake up in the morning. Warren shot me a text tonight that read “Jay, We want to go for a big bite tomorrow…last day.” Main lake it is come hell or high waves…….lol.