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I am heading for spine surgery November 28th…..

…..literally 5 years to the day of my first spine surgery. As Alanis Morissette once sung…..Isn’t it ironic, don’t ya think. I know a lot of you have been wondering for sometime what the heck is wrong with me and where the heck have I been. Well… ya know and it truly breaks my heart to have to say it. My worst fear is not being able to walk my girls down the isle when that day comes and not too far behind that fear is not being able to guide anymore. I have a love and passion for guiding like no other. Many of you have experienced that and the last several months that passion was put to the test as I struggled to hide the fact that I was dealing with an awful lot of pain. It all came crashing down the day after I returned home from Cleveland. I woke up that Sunday in pain that can’t be described. I want to apologize for not being truthful in my last report. I believe I wrote that I “tweaked” my neck or something of the sorts. Nah……my neck was done and I have been hanging on for dear life. I feel bad that those clients had to see me in that kind of shape, but I did inform them that I was barely able to function. I also told them I still wanted to go because of how wonderful the weather was. I have spent this month turning down jobs and/or canceling them. I have been busy going to Dr’s appointments, hospitals, MRI’s, specialists, etc. I met with the neuro surgeon yesterday and although I will be heading to the operating table we do have some good news. Dr. Galvin is going to try a new surgical procedure that goes in through the back of my neck to repair the disks that are damaged. He will not be doing a total reconstruction like my last surgery. We are all hopeful that this procedure will work and buy me time. I’m not going to act like a tough guy because I’m not. I’m scared….even more so than what I was 5 years ago at this time. Luckily I have an incredibly strong family and that family is stronger today than it ever has been with the addition of all of you out there. I have so many people that have my back. (pun intended) With all the scared gloom and doom aside…..I fully expect and plan on beating this thing once again. I won round 1 and I plan on winning this round too. I also fully understand that there are wonderful people out there that are far worse than me. I’m going to come out the other side of this…..walruses take note, if surgery goes well I will be looking at a Mid January return to action.


Please if you have me booked for December and I have NOT contacted you, please contact me. I have three trips that I can not find contact info for. I also want to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving.




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