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Falcon Report

I am going to change the name of my report……

By April 11, 2013No Comments

……the new name will be “The ones that got away report”. Just check in daily for your fill off heartbreaks and walrus sightings.




Three trips and a total of 6 truly big fish. (1 today) 0-6. Enough about all that. Todd and Warren had a very good day on Falcon Lake. We had a kicker of 6-14 and caught several other nice fish. Let me be clear here……we caught who knows how many of the 0.5 – 3 lb variety again today. I swear I have a pack of a thousand of those things following me everywhere. Deep?, rocks?, shallow?, trees?……they’re everywhere. I am glad to see it to be honest. Back in December and January I couldn’t find a small fish if my life depended on it. The big fish were damn tough to find too….lol. We caught fish from 2 ft to 15 ft. We didn’t get out very deep today. Our best fish came on……?……wait for it……..?……6xds. No surprises. Sexy, Chart. Sexy, citrus, and chart. Blue back all caught fish today. I don’t think any one color was better than the other. We also caught fish on crigged ole monsters in the cali 420 color and crigged w/r brushhog. We also caught 15 or so fish on 1.5 squarebills in the bluegill color. I know what you are thinking…..what didn’t you catch a fish on? Spinnerbait. We talked about the what…..let’s talk about where. We fished dang near every creek on the lake with few exceptions. We fished all the way down to the dam and I wanted to fish the dam too, but good gravy folks and I do mean good gravy. We didn’t see a boat within 500 yards of us all day until we entered the dam zone. These fellas want to fish the dam for nostalgia purposes, so we will be there first thing in the morning and work our way back North from there. I really think if I left the house right now I still wouldn’t be first to the dam……lol. Hopefully I will be in the first 20 boats that arrive at 7:30 tomorrow morning.