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History lessons with Elmo today

By February 18, 2014No Comments

My client today was a guy who knows a few things about being a successful guide and business man. Elmo was the first American guide on Sugar Lake in Mexico and has fished these South Texas and Mexico lakes for 50 some odd years. I love Vegas history, but not as much as I love South Texas and Mexico history. I should of been the one paying today……it was that much fun. We only fished till 1 and had a pretty good day. We didn’t get a single big bite until noon and we got 3 of em. We went 0 for 3 unfortunately. Most all of our fish were like the one pictured with Elmo. Our go to lure today was the Brush Hog. I think we only caught one spinnerbait fish.


Elmo, thanks…..I sure hope we do it again and soon.