HIGHSTAKESBASSIN.COM 2018 – A Year in Review

2018 is gone and what a freaking year it was here along the border. More specifically? Falcon Lake. As most of you know most of my trips over the last three years have been on Sugar Lake Mexico. 2018 was an entirely different story as Falcon Lake was just too hot to ignore. What a fun year here in Zapata, TX. Let’s take one final look at the year that was 2018.


January –

January was a tough month(one of the few). I was still trying to fight the green algae bloom on Sugar and really struggling. We also saw Falcon fishing pretty tough with the bait fish trying to survive the frigid weather that we were seeing. We still managed a few good fish, but they were certainly earned.

img_3838.jpg img_3843.jpg


Check out the pic below….what do you notice? Dean was tossing a red trap…..the trap bite was ok last year, but certainly nothing compared to what we are seeing right now.



February –

Falcon REALLLLLLY started to go crazy in February and was a sign of things to come in 2018. We were still knee deep in the bush and having a blast battling walruses in the jungle.

img_3915.jpg img_3903.jpg

img_4042-2.jpg img_4044-2.jpg

img_4020-2.jpg img_3986-2.jpg


February also marked Clay and Barbara’s first trip down to see me and good grief we whacked the numbers of fish.



March –

Good grief March was insane……we started targeting offshore giants and boy did we whack em. MEGA Walruses? You bet. Including these two DD’s from Long Ron and Clayboa.

img_4157.jpg img_4096.jpg

Here a few more Walruses from March.

img_4100.jpg img_4129.jpg

img_4153.jpg img_4189.jpg

We also got a shinny new Tow vehicle for the business which I have thoroughly enjoyed.



April –

We were blessed to start the year with some great water levels. (283 and change) But with April arriving and the irrigation season kicking off we saw the plug get pulled and wow did we lose some water. With that being said the fished loved it and the drop shot bite was simply incredible. I also got to see my folks for the first time in 2018 as Mom and Dad came down to visit. Pops got him some great fish and we had a blast on the water like we have for 30 plus years.




img_4296.jpg img_4305.jpg

Here are a few more good fish from April including my Boyzzzzzz from Illinoiszzzzzzzz

img_4250.jpg img_4240.jpg

img_4239.jpg img_4264.jpg


May –

May was a special month. I was able to head up North and celebrate my Dad’s 70th birthday doing what we love to do the most and that’s watching Tribe baseball.


I also rolled out to Vegas for my first trip of 2018 as well. I met these two crazy cats out there.


Fishing was still incredible in between my vacations…..Including my man Troy’s MEGA Walrus!


Here are a few more beauties.


img_4493.jpg img_4337.jpg

img_4343.jpg img_4492.jpg


June –

June saw the very best day I have ever had on Falcon Lake. Clay came down to fish a two day tournament with me and day 1 was a day I’ll never ever forget. We had the fish on to put a 50 lb bag in the boat. We saw everyone one of em….problem? Each one of those fish came unbuttoned in gut wrenching fashion. I don’t know how many 4-8 lb fish we caught that day, but it was truly special.


June also saw a client catch back to back MEGA Walruses on back to back days. It was a couple of days Andrew won’t soon forget.

img_4761.jpg img_4744.jpg

And my favorite pic of 2018? God knows I love my girlies……time just won’t slow down unfortunately.



July –

The water continued to leave Falcon Lake and we were launching off the banks at the State Park. The dam bite was a life saver for all of us guides as it was really the only bite that was consistently worth a dam*n. Mind you it was full blown awesome……..

img_4827.jpg img_4802.jpg

img_4810.jpg img_4803.jpg

I also got a nice plug in Bassmaster Magazine.



August – 

August marked a return to Sugar Lake and Clay and Barbara had a monster trip.



img_4893.jpg img_4888.jpg

This would be my last trip on Sugar Lake and it was like old times with two great friends. Falcon continued to cruise as well with several good trips mixed in.

img_4869.jpg img_4873.jpg

img_4867.jpg img_4909.jpg


August was very busy off the water as well with another Vegas trip and a trip to PA for my Mom’s 70th. What a great time.



September –

September marked the end of our water going down for 2018 and the start to a WONDERFUL rise that put us back on the State Park ramp. Fishing at the dam continued to be as strong as I’ve ever seen it and it continued to pump out walruses(and Mega Walruses) at a break neck clip.

img_5121.jpg img_5127.jpg

img_5090.jpg img_5116.jpg

img_5085.jpg img_5098.jpg

img_5092.jpg img_5081.jpg


October –

We continued to get rain along the border and we continued with our levels going up and up. The fishing as a whole got very very very inconsistent to say the least. Some days were incredible while others were a complete grind. With the rapid influx of water the offshore/dam bite slowed to a crawl. Geoff and Kimbo came down to visit me and they were fortunate enough to have one of their three days go full nuclear.

img_5303.jpg img_5304.jpg

img_5218.jpg img_5222.jpg

img_5225.jpg img_5226.jpg


November –

November was an absolute monster for numbers of 1-3 lb. I’m serious ….problem? I didn’t catch a single picture worthy fish and that is REALLY REALLY strange. The highlight of the month was heading home to see my folks after Thanksgiving and hunting with my Dad. If I could hit the rewind button and do that trip again I would……over and over and over and over again. We spent most of our time just sitting around watching football and basketball……talking and shooting the shit. Fun freaking time.



December –

December started there……


and ended here……

img_5474.jpg img_5496.jpg

img_5498.jpg img_5546.jpg

img_5558.jpg img_5556.jpg


December of 2018 was the best December I have ever had here on Falcon Lake. The trap bite has been out of this world and 2018 went out in fine fashion with John and Jodie participating in an absolute Falcon Lake WHACKFEST.

img_5611.jpg img_5613.jpg


Jodie also brought in 2019 with a MEGA WALRUS!!!!!


That freaking tilapia was the thickest I’ve ever seen…….you could of fed a family of 4 for two days with those filets. I am looking forward 2019 here along the border and hope to see all you soon. Happy New Year!!



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