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Book a Falcon Bass Fishing Trip Today! (956) 754-0626 2017 – A Year in Review

Here we are, another year mere minutes away from being in the books. Mind boggling where time goes. Let’s dig in and check out the year that was.


January – 

January was all about getting healthy and going to physical therapy.


I was still very concerned about my neck at this point and continued struggle following my surgery in late November. Was certainly a tough way to bring in the New Year. Here is a look at the first fish of 2017…….there was only one way to go and that was up.



February – 

February marked my return to work and I can’t tell you wonderful it was to get back to doing what I love. I was fortunate enough to land this 11.17 pound Falcon Lake Mega Walrus to start my comeback trail in 2017.



A terrific February ends with a Falcon Lake MEGA WALRUS!


March –

March was ladies month here at High Stakes Bassin.


img_2043.jpg img_2071.jpg

Wonder Women have been front and center at


I also got into the act in March landing this 11.55 pound Sugar Lake MEGA WALRUS.



That wasn’t the only Sugar Lake MEGA WALRUS of the month either. Terry got him a brand new personal best in grand style.



April –

My first Vegas trip of the year and I look forward to Vegas every spring with my Sister and Mom. This year our trip is in May.



The fishing in April was just silly as well. Mega Walruses? You bet.

img_2200.jpg img_2235.jpg


Sugar Lake MEGA WALRUS bonanza and top 5…..


May –

May is arguably my favorite month to fish down here on the border, but I can tell you May of 2017 was not my best May in the history of the biz. Water levels were dropping faster than I have ever seen and for that matter faster than ANYBODY had ever seen. Both Sugar and Falcon were getting drained.

I got to spend a week with my Dad as he celebrated his last birthday in his 60’s. Next stop 70’s and hopefully many more. Sugar Lake Motel sure did a great job helping me celebrate with Pops.



Fear not! My man Tim would not let the month of May slip on by without boating a Sugar Lake MEGA WALRUS. I promise you that fish was well EARNED.

IMG_2404 (Edited)


We also had a few good trips on Falcon while the lake dropped like a rock.

Falcon Lake Fun


June –

As tough a month that May was……June was a walrus parade lead by Wade da Walrus Hunter.



June came in with Falcon, but left as sweet as could be.


July –

My second Vegas trip of the year was on the books. Vegas is my home away from home and has been for nearly 20 years.



The fishing along the border in July was just silly. Summer time bassin down here at it’s absolute finest.

Sugar Lake Mexico with back to back 40 lb summer time bags.


August –

The month of August marked the beginning of some incredible rain events for the great state of Texas. Harvey was a full on disaster. So many incredible Texans rose up to help others and answered the bell. August also marked the month that a new addition was welcomed into the High Stakes Bassin Family. The boat has had more issues than I care to admit including a dead trolling motor and a wiring issue that put it out of commission for over a month. Here’s hoping it has a healthy and productive 2018.


September –



Our prayers along the border were answered. We caught significant rain and water in the nick of time. We are now sitting at 284 and change which puts us in tremendous shape heading into the new year. September also marked the passing of one of the very best human beings to ever walk on this Earth. He’s in a great place with Grandma looking down at a family tree that will continue to grow, love, and prosper.



October – 

I think October was arguably the best all around month from a fishing perspective in 2017. Both Sugar and Falcon were firing on all cylinders.



As mentioned above… new boat has had rocky beginning let there be no doubt.

Falcon Lake flexing her muscles, Sugar heading to 100% capacity, and a Mercury Pro XS bites the dust


That rocky beginning still, as you can see, has not stopped us from having monster trips.


November and December – 

My wife and I did have a terrific Vegas trip in November. My days as a 30 something officially ended while on that trip.



2017 started out pretty damn tough and it’s going out that way too. I have had to cancel more trips the last two months than what I’ve had to cancel the last 6 years combined including 6 days this week with father son combos. The weather has been nothing short of terrible and the fishing not much better of late. I also have just recently got to 100% after getting the death plague that has been going around Zapata for the last 6 weeks. Good days ahead in 2018.


For those that are still reading these words……..thanks. I hope and pray to see each and every one of you in 2018.


Happy NEW YEAR!!!!!!


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