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Boat problems…….Ok that’s the end of my 2014  year end review!

Cya in 2015.



Hahahahahaha……I can laugh about it now, but wow. I had my boats in the shop 7 times in 2014. I was limping into 2014 and I never was able to stay healthy and on the water with one boat. This year? Both boats are at 100%…..we are not limping into 2015 and I am looking forward to a strong year in 2015. Let’s go ahead and take a look back at the year that was.


January – The fishing this past January was great…….for big fish. Numbers? Yikes…..not so much. There were a few days where noon rolled around and I was still trying to kick out ole Pepe…


The biggest fish that I saw in 2014 or quite possibly any year was Danny’s fish of lifetime that got wrapped around the top of a tree. She bellied up so that we could get a good look at her right before we got to the tree to grab her. Soooooooo close to  a legitimate fish of 3 lifetimes. We deserved that though because 5 minutes before Danny lost that giant he caught a 9.13 that we cried about not hitting 10……lol. Here is Danny’s Walrus.


Did I mention how cold January was?

20140103-210120.jpg   20140129-185037.jpg



February – Normally February down here is about as good a month that you can fish down here. Straight up awesome… are in all phases of the spawn and you can target whatever your heart desires. This was not your normal February and was arguably the worst month of the year here on Falcon. The highlight of February?


Meeting my man Elmo Jackson. What great friend.

Even as bad as February fished we still boated some dang nice fish…’s a handful of em.

20140223-200940.jpg 20140203-182308.jpg

20140223-200859.jpg 20140216-203903.jpg


March – March fishing last year was all over the map…..from a one fish day to MONSTER days like the one JR and Gabriel had on March 22nd. Bites were at a premium pretty much all month, but man we caught some dang good March bass.



March also saw my BOOOOOOYYYYYYYZZZZZZZ from Illinoiszzzzzz get in on the act and without a doubt one of my favorite pics of 2014. God I love em.




April – One word comes to mind……PAIN!!!!!

20140403-204041.jpg 20140403-204100.jpg

I had a catfish throw one of its barbs right through my finger and rip the tip of my finger off. Here is a pic of the culprit right before he got me.


April was still my favorite month of 2014. Not surprisingly it coincides with my folks coming down. Nothing and I mean nothing beats the anticipation of them coming down to see us. Literally the highlights of my year without question. This time around Dad brought down a familiar friend. Our first new boat that we ever bought. A 2004 Ranger 521vx. We sold that boat in 2008 to a guy who rarely used it and I had been asking about it’s availability since moving down here. Well it finally came together and we bought it back. You ever that one thing that you REALLY cherish? Getting that boat back was so awesome and can’t really describe it. She is still dang near in showroom condition and I have had a lot of fun buying add ons for it like a hydro JP, Terrova TM and two new Birds. Here she is with Dad at the helm.

20140422-182007.jpg 20140422-181735.jpg

Dad also caught a couple Walruses on his trip.

20140424-175130.jpg 20140422-180641.jpg

What about Mom?……well she got into the act as well!


Here are a few more pics from a great April.

20140419-162701.jpg  20140405-214921.jpg



May – The fishing was pretty tough for the most part in May which is certainly a surprise. I love me some May fishing on Falcon Lake. As with every month here on Falcon we still had some dang good days and a lot of fun. The highlight of May? My man Brock’s return to Zapata, TX and mind you the fishing and weather was anything, but ideal. We still managed a grade A time and even visited Mr. Vasquez at Zapata National Country Club.

20140504-214447.jpg  20140503-213804.jpg

Here are a couple more dang nice fish from May!

20140429-205255.jpg  20140430-200108.jpg

20140501-180837.jpg 20140501-180855.jpg



June – Not a lot of jobs for me this month. June marked the month where the fishing here on Falcon really started to take off and improve especially in the numbers category and is really similar to what we are experiencing right now on most days. You have to work for that big girl and catch a lot of small fish before you do finally catch old Wendy Walrus, but as you can see by the pic below we still have some big ole girls swimming around. Here’s Mr. Denim’s certified USDA Choice Walrus.



July – Ok. Ok. Ok……I know I said April was my favorite month of 2014. I lied……it was July. Not only did I go to Erie, PA to visit my family, I also guided on Lake Erie for about a week and a half and look who showed up!

IMG_4743[1] IMG_4741[1]

The good Doctor brought his son “Sugar Shane Moesly” (yes that is the correct spelling of Moesly….lol) and we straight up knocked out the smallies and some world class sheepshead. My man Danny also flew down to fish Erie and check out the absolute BEAST of a Bronze Walrus….just missing 6 lbs.


My dad got into the act a few times as well when I was up…..some GREENIES!



I also got to spend an awesome long weekend up in Peoria, Illinois complements of my Boyzzzzzzzzz. I don’t want to come across as a braggart, but man was that trip fun.



What about Falcon in July you ask? Fishing was nothing short of phenomenal…….check on my man Quawns WALRUS from July 3rd.


Elmo also had a day in July where it was more of a surprise when he didn’t catch a fish on a cast……I’m serious. Elmo caught so many fish that a cattle clicker would not of been able to keep up.



August – August fishing remained outstanding here on Falcon, but I just didn’t have a lot of folks to share it with. The weather was hot, but the fish catching was hotter. Here’s a pic or two from August.

IMG_4862[1] IMG_5039[1]

IMG_5048[1] IMG_5053[1]


September – Just when I though the fishing couldn’t get any better September rolled around. Did we have a stinker or two? sure and unfortunately my boyzzzz found the stinker. (no pun intended….lol) Here are a couple of September bass…..

IMG_5063[1] IMG_5116[1]

IMG_5227[1] 20140928-002735-1655572.jpg


October – October marks my first Sugar Lake experience and you wanna talk about a lil slice of Heaven South of the border?


and there are a few of these swimming around down there too…..



Falcon fishing remained very good most days. Check out a few pics from Falcon in October…..

IMG_5244[1] IMG_5239[1]



Love ya Max.



November – I didn’t have a lot of jobs in November, but the fishing remained pretty good most days.


IMG_5516[1] IMG_5480[1]


December – and here we are……December 31st at 8:20 pm. 3 hours and some change left on 2014. December fishing has remained steady and on most days you can go out there and whack the tar out of the fish, but the quality is down especially for this time of year. With that said we are still catching some dang nice fish and a lot of 1-3 pounders to keep you interested throughout the day.

IMG_5750[1] 20141228-193510-70510963.jpg

IMG_5787[1] IMG_5706[1]



As always Highstakesbassin fans thanks for reading and thanks for supporting my family. I love you all and can’t thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to put a smile on your face.


Cya in 2015!












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