Here I sit at 5:45AM……***UPDATE 2:15***

….in yet ANOTHER weather delay and this one might go the distance if the wind is as strong as they are saying it will be. Mike and Jerry got in yesterday and hit the water around noon with the intent of putting 7 hours in. Well, between them driving all day since 3 AM and not having one single bite in 4 hours of fishing they decided to go in and regroup for today. I had a bad feeling about today’s weather, but I was hoping for the best. News flash…..the best didn’t show up this morning. If we go out it will be more than likely a Veleno day, but heck Veleno has been pretty good to me here lately. I’ll update later.






We opted to sit today out. These fellas have two more days and the weather is going to be nothing short of spectacular tomorrow, but Friday concerns me once again with wind predictions in the upper teens to lower 20’s. We will give em heck tomorrow and worry about Friday later.


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