Happy Thanksgiving from Team High Stakes Bassin

I had the opportunity to take out Chris from Arkansas today. He told me that he has read my report and knew the cold front was gonna kill the bite, but he still wanted to go and give em heck. I certainly appreciated the positive thoughts and the fish must of felt Chris’s positive vibes today as well. We zeroed the first two hours as once again I went for the 8-10 foot creek channel bite. Our last 6 hours you ask? Chris caught nearly 50 fish on his own. It got silly a few different times. The only bummer and please don’t take this as I am complaining because I’m not. The size of every single fish was between 1-3 lbs. We could not get the bigger bite going. We caught fish on a variety of baits, but once again the trap dominated. Chris even broke out the BIG OLE 1 oz traps and the fish smoked em. A perfect day on the water with a great client the day before Thanksgiving. It just doesn’t get much better.


Thanks High Stakes Bassin family and friends.

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