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Falcon Report

Half day follow….

By January 19, 2013No Comments

My phone rang off the hook yesterday. 5 people called and wanted to go out today. Well the problem is, I had a cheese appointment. Charlie cheese that is. I ended up taking out a few fellas and they followed me in their boat. I put em on a few spots and then headed back to the ramp. They caught a few fish and sent me a few pics. I think ole Lew is pulling a fast one on me though… The water level looks a lil high in his pic. Hahahahaha. The damage today was done on a sexy shad 10xd, yes 10xd. Man I sure hope I get mine soon. Grrrrrrrrr. Thanks for the call men.

I got another cancelation text today. No trips for the next two days. Feel better Rick, flu bug has been a tuff one to kick around these parts too.

Championship Sunday isn’t a bad day to have off.