Great group of fellas the last three days. Keith Combs is fortunate to have them as sponsors. Fishing was tough for everyone all three days. Team Behnken took top honors today with a 20 lb sack and a 9.15 kicker. Team Reneau had a good day as well with about a 17 lb bag. We started out in great shape with a 4 lber and one just shy of 7 right off the bat. We couldn’t get anything better than a 2 and half to the boat the rest of the way. We only fished a half day today as the group had to hit the road early. The jig bite is picking up that is for certain, but is it electric?…lol, no. Back at it tomorrow with the fine folks of Pro Anglers Marine. We are launching North and will fish North come hell or high water……ok, ok, we may slip on down to Tigers. LOL.


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