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Falcon Report

Great to be back on the water……

By May 8, 2013No Comments

……and Falcon didn’t disappoint. The wind prevented me from hitting my main lake stuff on the South end of the lake. I wanted to hit everything from the North to the South and got a bit greedy. With wind gusts well into the 20 plus range we decided to do the North deal today and we will do the Damn Dam Tour tomorrow along with everybody else. This is no news flash, but man Falcon is fun right now…..wind or no wind….rocks or no rocks…..cranks or no cranks. Fun. As stated last night I have a group of 3 fellas…..a father and son with a good friend along for the ride as well. They had realistic expectations when they arrived. They each wanted to catch an 8 lb fish or bigger. After day 1….two of the three have met their goal with new personal bests. Mike got the 8 lb party started with his 8lb 4 oz beauty. Later in the afternoon Paul got on the board with his own 8lb 4 oz beauty. Yes two 8-4’s… These guys are ultra competitive……the tie is not going well. hahahahahaha.





I hope we can continue crushing expectations tomorrow…..wind or no wind.