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Great time as always with Guy and Genifer

We caught a break today in the weather/wind department. They were calling for gusts into the 20’s by ten this morning. That certainly never happened and we were able to run all over. My game plan was flawless until I made a big move to a creek that I’ve had all to myself for months. Yikes!!!!! Packed…..seriously packed, like every boat on the lake packed. The fishing was pretty good today with quite a few keepers and ole Genifer had Wendy Walrus on for about ten feet. She was tail walking that big ole girl through the jungle when she spit the trap. Yeah it was a bummer. Guy still has nightmares of his behemoth that jumped off on him last year. It’s what brings ya back to this wonderful fishery. Can’t thank you two enough for your continued support and Cya soon south of the border!


I have been wanting to talk about something for literally months and continue to forget. Guy texted me last week or so about booking today. The number popped up and I had to ask who it was. He was like hey you don’t have my number?!?!(half joking) I was embarrassed trust me, but truth is I’m on my 4th phone in 12 months and have had my numbers, contacts, and accounts totally wiped out 3 different times. If you are a client/friend of mine and haven’t heard from me in a while I’m not ignoring you! Lol…….99% chance your number got whacked by the revolving door that is my cellphone situation.
Cya soon

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