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Great Sugar Lake trip…… water, water, and more water.

I just back from a terrific trip to Sugar Lake Mexico with my man Danny. The first day Danny straight whacked the fish from start to finish. Walruses? you bet……

img_3359.jpg img_3363.jpg


The weapon of choice was a deep diving Spro……



I fished plastics most of the day and let him whoop up on me. Day 2 rolled around and I decided to give him a run for his money and I switched to a crankbait. There was only one problem……for whatever reason they were COMPLETELY off the crank. Finally I got tired of chunking and winding and switched to the Zoom Ole Monster. Turned into a whackfest real quick like. We didn’t catch a single fish over 6 lbs today.

img_3368.jpg img_3366.jpg

As many of you know Falcon has and is catching some incredible water. (more on that in sec.) Danny and I got to Sugar and were expecting to see that the lake had come up too. Well it didn’t…..maybe and I do mean maybe a few inches since my last trip in August. With that said during the 36 hours that we were there the water has arrived and I’m happy to say ole Sugar is now on the rise as well.


When Danny and I showed up, that ramp was barely in the water. Pretty exciting to say the least…..and you wanna talk about exciting?


We have picked up 11 foot of water and counting since Tuesday. Folks, this kind of water is a game changer for our fisheries down here.


My October will be a blur, but I do have a few openings…..if fishing in some fresh new water sounds like fun give me a holler. Here is a video from the last time we flooded a bunch of new growth in October.


Explosive? Hahahahahahahahaha…….doesn’t get much better.




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