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Great day of work

I have not fished a lot on the South end of the lake in 2014. I have not been able to get a good milk run going down there and today was no different. I caught 5 fish at the dam in an hour and half and then got shut out the last 2 and half hours. I fished from 8 to noon. I had to pick up the girlies from my neighbor at 1. My best bite right now is not on rocks and the South end for me is all about rocks….dam, marker 3, government, state park, Sally…..all rocks. Now listen I think it’s a me thing. I am not dialed in down there. Now put me North of Tigers? Game on. With that said, I will be in Tigers and South of Tigers again tomorrow. I want to find something to put with my timber fish. I will take the girlies back to the timber over the weekend if the wind is manageable. Jaime has a score to settle with one particular Walrus and we have the bush marked…lol.

My favorite spot on the whole Lake…..goose egg today.


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