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Great day of scouting with the Falcon Lake Ram

I took out a local today. His name is Ram and he is trying his hand at the guiding business. He and I have done some Facebooking back and forth for a few months. The stars aligned with our schedules so that we were able to meet face to face. I have heard a lot about Ram from various folks here in town and everyone talked highly of him as a person. Who you are as a person is really all that matters to me. We can work on the fishing part. Ram is a firm believer in the 4 F’s……..FAITH, FAMILY, FRIENDS, and of course FISHING. My type of fella. He’s got a young family with a newborn baby girl that is just 3 months old. Can he fish?



He just won a small tournament this past weekend here on Falcon with the fish above. Yeah he can fish for sure. I gave Ram a job this afternoon that I wasn’t able to take on the 15th and plan on helping him out when I can. If you see that I’m booked and still need somebody to take you out give me a ring……there’s a good chance the Falcon Ram can accommodate you.


Let’s talk about the fishing today here on Falcon Lake. We covered mid lake and North up the river. I don’t know how many fish we caught. It wasn’t many, but that wasn’t our goal today. We both had areas that we needed to look at and check. These areas should go full on nuclear with the weather forecast that is heading our way……80’s as far as the eye can see. The end of February is wide open on my schedule. If I was any of you reading this, I would email me for a few of those dates. Seriously….Falcon and/or Sugar is going to be straight up SILLY. I don’t say that much, but I’ll say it now. Here are a couple nice pics of fish Ram caught yesterday and today.

IMG_1958.JPG IMG_1952.JPG


I am on the water with Bruce Lee tomorrow.

bruce lee


Ooooooops……I meant Lee and Bruce.







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