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Got greedy…..

By April 26, 2013No Comments

I left fish today in an attempt to get a big bite…..terrible decision. I got cocky, as pretty much anything I have touched the past few trips has been money. Not today. Did we still have a dang good day? Sure, but my main lake stuff really was bad. Like 5 fish in 3 hours bad and not a single “big” bite. I have a point that I have been working extremely hard and it shut me out for the first time yesterday. Guess what? It shut me out again today. Not even a dink, both days. We cranked hard again today from 1ft to 15ft. We did catch a few on trig and a few on crig including my 8.67 which was our kicker. (not pictured) At our last stop Alan mentioned that he would get laughed at back in Illinois for throwing such a big worm. (we were throwing Zoom Ole Monsters) In my best Crocodile Dundee voice……..




I say that’s not a worm, now THIS is a worm.




So I start talking about how great the BIG worm bite was last year at this time and I say you know what I am going to put one on. (Zoom Mag Ole Monster) 15 minutes or so later the 8.67 was in the boat. Alan did break his PB again….with a bass just shy of 7 lbs. I forgot the exact weight. (my 200 dollar cul um rite scales got boxed up and are heading back for repair) 6.89 I believe is the new number to beat. Tomorrow will be my last day on the water for a week straight. No ifs, no buts. I will also be scaling back the number of days I guide each month for the remainder of 2013. My family, friends and wife have been on me pretty hard about over doing it here. I understand what they are saying and I realize my neck can’t do this 50 out 60 days, but dang it I love my job and I love this lake. If it were up to me I would be on the water 360 days a year. I need to be smart though, so I can do this for many more years to come. R and R here I come…………after tomorrow. lol.