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Falcon Report

Goodness, just sweet mother of pearl goodness……..

By January 16, 2013No Comments



Yes the S.S. Falcon Sierra Marie is baaaaaaaaaaaaack.



I am not going to act like a hard ass here and say I went out at the butt crack of dawn today.  Did I have plans on doing it?  Sure, but shortly after loading up in 33 degree weather I opted to go out closer to 10 o’clock than 7 o’clock.  lol.  I didn’t have one single big bite today, but I did catch 5 fish.  As you can see by the pic below……


….all fish were small males roughly in the two-pound range.  Not one female today and all fish were caught in 20 plus feet of water on the finesse Crig.  I did throw the Jig some today, but every time I picked up the rig I got bit.  Was tough to put down.  I did throw a crank some as well, but man that wind was HOWLING and I blew up two crankbait reels tossing into that crap….lol. (see pics below)  That is what I will be picking out shortly, ugh.





All in all a very successful day and once again the fish caught were not within Binocular sight of anybody…….of course, it is getting easier to hide out there by the day.



The 20th through the 23rd of January are now booked up……




**UPDATE** Major surgery took place to correct professional over-runs from today