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Good to be back on Sugar Lake in 2016

James and I certainly didn’t break any records on Sugar Lake this trip. We probably had 25 to 30 bites and boated in the neighborhood of 16 of em. I have heard that the numbers are down, but the quality was still damn good. I can tell you that we struggled with the quality as well and it was not from a lack of areas with fish either.

fishfinder pic with circles

We threw everything in the boat at em and we would catch one or two every spot, but man they just didn’t want to eat anything but the shad that they were chasing. (as seen in the red circles)

The food was probably the highlight of the trip. We kept a few of the 2 lbers and had a fish fry with fresh cut French fries. It just doesn’t get much better than that. (currently drooling) I can not wait to get my Dad down there. He won’t want to leave I can assure you of that. Today, James and I ended up not even putting the boat in the water. The fog was so thick it was like looking up into a lamp shade and we also had this looming……




50 plus mph wind gusts? Nah, I’ll pass on all that excitement.





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