Good times and walruses continue into March.

The theme for 2017 continues for me. We are catching great numbers of 1-3 pound fish most days on Falcon and also Sugar. I go from that class fish straight to walrus and Mega Walrus. Speaking of Mega Walrus….Terry finally broke the bad luck Mega Walrus streak on Sugar by boating a new personal best that went 10.16 lbs. Check out the pic below.




I also got to take out my first ever client this past week. No worries folks….Marty, Marty the one man party is still going strong and just turned 80 years young.



Got to take Tim and his crew back down to Sugar for their first trip South of the border in 2017. Here are a few pics from that fun trip including Tim and I whacking em from the bank on squarebills.

img_2009.jpg img_2007.jpg

img_2013.jpg img_2010.jpg

img_2017.jpg img_2011.jpg


And the meanest fish of 2017 goes to Hail’s near Mega Walrus…..the Dag gone thing nearly ripped my thumb nail off and I’m telling you I was scared to look down at my thumb when it happened.

Here’s a pic of that big ole NAAAAASTY girl.



……and here’s what she did to my thumb.



Here are a few more nice Falcon and Sugar fish….

img_1987.jpg img_1958.jpg

img_1959.jpg img_2021.jpg


Check out the pic below…..



Squarebill + shad spawn = whackfest.


I also got to take the girlies out for a few hours too.



The significance of that pic? That was Sierra’s first baitcaster fish from cast to hookset to boat……pretty cool stuff and it was caught on a 5 inch senko. Proud Dad alert.


I’m reeeeeaaaaaally busy over the next 10 days or so, but have a couple of nice dates available at the end of March if anybody is interested in a Walrus hunt.






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