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Falcon Report

Good guys catch a good day…..

By February 23, 2014No Comments

Tom and Alan were in a dog fight with Falcon the past two days and never once ever thought of backing down or pouting about the tough fishing. Today was their day to stand proud against Falcon Lake. We had a 30ish pound bag that was anchored by Alan’s 8.92 and Tom’s 6.87. We had three monster’s come unglued on us today……Tom’s fish was the biggest heartbreak as he pulled for all he was worth and kept the fish on top of the water, unfortunately she just pulled off. I did catch a 6 pounder in 20 foot of water at the very end of the day…..get this….slow rolling a spinnerbait. I had my guys cranking the top of the hump and I just chunked the blade out to pass the time. I threw it out there and let it go to the bottom. A few cranks later that six pounder nearly took the rod out of my hands. I will come clean…..I hollered for the net….lol.



I am back at it for the next three days with Greg and Ron…… hopefully we can build on today’s big fish barrage.