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Falcon Report

Good friends, ramps, and hazards

By October 1, 2012October 4th, 2012No Comments

My good friends from San Antonio are in town for a couple of days. Danny is the guy who put this wonderful site together and Laura is the one who made my 10th anniversary cake for the Mrs. and I. Fantastic people and a lot of fun to hang out with. We didn’t have a good day as far as the fishing was concerned. Borderline awful…..ok it was aweful. Once again an area that I have been working hard was netted up and nearly impossible to fish. We tried regardless and spent most of the day there until the weather turned nasty. We got hit hard by a T-storm cell. Luckily we got off before the heavy hitting part of the cell hit the South end. The State Park boat ramp is back up and running and is up to roughly 3 and half foot in the channel. The water is on the rise here due to the rain we have been receiving. Be careful folks. The bridge in the Veleno is now just under the water and although it is marked, some of the markers have come loose and are not dead on. Always move around the bridge on the West side to play it safe. Also there are entire trees floating in the river channel all the way to marker 9. I hit one today and was very fortunate to not take any damage. (fingers crossed) I took some pics of the State Park launch area and the bridge….check em out.

Total Fish: 9
Best Five: About 23 lbs
Kicker: we didn’t have one and didn’t have one single big bite