I beat up Falcon Lake harder than anyone. I am certainly it’s biggest critic. Time for me to come on here and tell you that Falcon is fishing A LOT better of late. There I said it and I sure hope this action continues into the summer and fall. This is fun people. Some classic Falcon Lake lure are kicking @RSE. The Hammer Head jig in Watermelon Candy, The Zoom Brushhog in every shade of watermelon you can think of and last, but certainly not least…..THE MAG FREAKIN FLUKE. Dad did crazy work with Watermelon Violet Gold Flukes with Chartreuse Dippin Glo on the back. It was silly……seriously silly. Don’t ask how many he caught….. Cause I don’t know, lol. Most of the fish were in that 2 – 4 lb range though. A Walrus did find her way to the boat however……pic below.



That was our only walrus bite today, but what a freaking beast. She had at least one two pound catfish stuffed down her gut and probably another….lol.



Mom his heading out with us tomorrow. I would love to get her a Walrus……or three.






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