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Funky Illinois men from a funky Illinois town…..

By April 3, 2013No Comments

Today was not the day I wanted to have weather issues. You know what they say though…..put “want” in one hand and poop in the other and see which one fills up faster. We never got too far away from the dock today because I was worried about an impending storm. I am glad I did. We put the boat back on the trailer for about an hour or so to let it pass and then went back after it. These fellas had a plane to catch today sooooooo that was a bummer. There was some good news today though. We had the best numbers day that I have had in really I can’t remember when. We only ended up fishing for maybe 3 hours if that and we boated in the neighborhood of 15 fish. 5 fish an hour average is silly stuff right now and we caught them before and after the storm. All of our boated fish were between 1 and 3 pounds. We had two big bites, but both of those fish won. I got a real “kick” watching Brock fight his monster, but that fish “was fast as lightning”.

She told ole Brock where she was gonna go and that was into the nearest bush…, great stuff. Vaughn lost a big one at impact. 50lb braid was no match. I brag a lot about my clients and with good reason. The good man upstairs just continues to bless me with wonderful people to take fishing. Already looking forward to Vaughn’s next email letting me know when he’s coming back. Hey Vaughn I sure had a GREAT timber bite last August!!! Hahahahaha…..take care fellas, see ya soon.