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Fun fun fun week here on Falcon Lake Texas

The week started with some folks from Monterrey, Mexico. No we didn’t fish Sugar…..they actually wanted to hit Falcon and gain some knowledge. Sooooooo I did the best I could to move em around and show em the lake and explain what we were doing…..we unfortunately did have a significant language barrier, but certainly understood each other.


We caught a few nice fish too….including this Falcon Lake walrus.



We also added a couple Jr. walruses.

img_2593.jpg img_2594.jpg


Then Clay came down to fish the API tournament…….our team went for the 3rd highest amount in the Calcutta. (23 hundred bucks… that’s not a typo……$2,300). I want to thank Clay and Dixie Electric for covering all the costs and then some for this tournament. First day was ok…..we had 14 ish pounds (three fish) with a dead fish penalty. We caught a fish that had swim bladder issues and my needles were in the shed. Today the wind did not allow me to get back to where I had some nice fish located and as you can see by the pic below our quality suffered quite a bit.



We caught several 1-3 lb fish and opted to chunk em back and get off the water early. There were some AWESOME stringers brought in…..I know of three 20 plus pound bags yesterday. (three fish limits) That’s salty to say the least. I have the next three days off and boy do I need it. I don’t think I have been this sore since my freshman year of football two a days. Luckily and I do mean luckily my neck feels pretty solid.


See ya in a few.

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