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Fun day with the Mrs. Z522 back in the starting rotation.

Today’s goals?


1.) Run the z522 and be sure it’s ready for Monday and Tuesday’s trip.

Mission accomplished here. I love my 521vx, but nothing compares to the Rolls-Royce that is a z522.


2.) Get Jaime a fish.

This is a big ten four as well…..she beat me pretty good with the ole rattle trap. She had one about 4 lbs beside the boat that I would of taken a pic of, but her guide wasn’t able to corral it before it came unbuttoned.


3.) Boat a walrus.



Not cool……..I had one in the 8 pound class bust that swimbait. Of course I had to hear about it from the peanut gallery about horsing the fish.




Cya all Monday if not before.




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