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Falcon Report

Fun day with Mark and Herb….

By February 27, 2013No Comments

Was good to finally catch some fish today. We started at the dam and spent the first 45 or so minutes there before all heck broke loose with the North winds. We zeroed at my best hole over there. Needless to say taking a goose egg there was very depressing. We made a small move and just hunkered down the rest of the day and feel real fortunate to have got on the fish we did. Herb’s 7 lber was the kicker and as you can see by the pic below she was some kinda meeeeeeeeeeeaan……..



The evidence of the beatdown…….




I have to hand to Herb….he got the fish in the boat. Amazing stuff….lol. All of our fish today came off of a crigged brushhog in 15 to 23 foot of water. Thanks for the opportunity men.