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Falcon Report

Fun day with Billy from

By September 22, 2012No Comments

We certainly didn’t set Falcon on fire and more specifically me. Billy did all the heavy lifting, I guess I was still in guide mode. I had one good fish on that would have helped and a bunch of 2 to 3 pound runts. We started out in the dark to head to our first spot which I gave the coordinates to Billy the night before. We pull up and while the sun is coming up I realize that we are off by about 50 yards. With literally 2 minutes before first cast we start to troll our way up to the spot and a guy flies in and throws the TM down and starts fishing it. I can’t blame the guy though. He didn’t know wtf we were doing. As it turned out Billy didn’t input the coordinate for our first spot. Ugh. Sooooooo we headed South with nothing to show for our first spot. That hurt. My best spot that I have had for months just did not produce the results we were after. It also didn’t help that we had a net laid down right THROUGH the spot at 9:30. Comical. I have nobody to blame, but myself. I didn’t commit to fishing this tourney until the last moment and my preparation was awful. I should of inputed those coordinates myself or taken my boat. We both wanted the spot lock feature of the Terrova and my Bullet (Ranger in the shop getting an HDS-8) doesn’t have it. Ahhhhh well, no more belly aching. Billy is a good cat and his Falcon Flukes in the Ugly color, yes that is an actual color, caught 75% of our fish today. Click on the link at the bottom of the home page for and get ya some before your next trip. I would like to congratulate first place winners of the tourney today. Team Jackson (Wayne and Jim) took top honors with 23.46 lbs with a 9 lb kicker. Well done men. I would also like to congratulate Tim Griffin, who guides here as well, with his nice showing of 21.21 lbs. That was good for 3rd place. He also got 4th at the SIT tourney the week before at Amistad. (200 boat tourney) The guy can fish.

Total Fish: 20
Best 5: about 24 pounds (best 3 went a lil better than 15 pounds, we took a dead fish penalty. Fish had two huge expanded soft plastics that it regurgitated in the livewell, but ended up giving up the ghost)
Kicker: around 6 lbs