Fronts, fronts, everywhere a front….. do this, don’t do that……can’t you feel the fronts?

Nothing like a lil Five Man Electric Band reference. Mo Nature hit hard again today and tomorrow doesn’t look much better to be honest. Starting Tuesday I will be back at it, but not with clients. I have had Tuesday and Wednesday booked I believe 4 separate times, but the cancellation bug is out and it’s biting. I can certainly understand why. Those of you that are booked up for the coming weeks please understand……it will get better. Go back and read my reports from last year. We had TERRIBLE days every single month and some Fantastic ones every single month. This year is setting up the same way…..If I was somebody considering a Falcon trip I would look loooooooooong and hard at April, May, June, and July……again I don’t blow smoke. You all should know that by now. lol. I think those 4 months are going to be dang good most days, but with that said we are off to a MUCH slower March than I anticipated.


I have some FANTASTIC return clients/friends on the way over the next 2 months. I also have quite a few first time clients on the books as well. I can promise you all one thing… will have a guide that is on the water nearly every single day with or without clients. I am not siting in my house pouting about the piss poor fishing. I am out looking for magic and I plan on finding it…..






















Looking forward to seeing these veterans again in the coming weeks 🙂




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