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From sun up to sun down……

…..From the river to the dam and back again. I’m beat. Remember my goal for today? Get Linda, Bo, and Ben a walrus. That straight up didn’t happen and didn’t come close to happening either. We caught our first fish with fog still in the air this morning. We were ready to kick some serious Falcon Booty. We caught 1 more fish by the 11 o’clock mark. We then hit a restroom break and made a big move. It paid off and everyone caught fish, but the only problem was size. I just could not get on any sort of big fish bite and not even nice bucks for that matter. We caught several 0.25 to 1.25 lb fish today from 6 ft of water to 12 inches. Our best fish was a damn catfish which hit a flippin jig in 2 FOW. Go figure. I take it pretty hard when I don’t deliver the goods and today was certainly one of those days. I am hopeful in the coming days these three will load up my phone with pics. (I really want Linda to get her a walrus in the WORST of ways) Good luck the rest of the week…please be safe.



Well we talked about the sun up part…..let’s talk about the sun down part. Two friends of mine are in town for a couple of days to fish with me and when I was pulling my boat out I saw them heading to the water to fish from the bank. I dropped off my clients from today and headed back to the lake to see if these guys were game for a little late night rendezvous with ole Falcon. They were more than game. We made a pretty dang long run, but it paid off as these guys started whacking the fish instantly……but wait for it…..waaaaait for it. Yeah once again the bass were size challenged.


size doesnt matter

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