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From Sugar to South Padre Islands to Vegas to Falcon

This time of year I am busy……not just fishing busy, but also enjoying life busy. The fish have moved off shore which I love, the kids are out of school, and I have saved up a bunch of funny money to play with. Fun, Fun, Fun. I got the chance to take Josh and his Dad, Mark to Sugar Lake and it started out like gangbusters with Mark smashing his personal best with this near miss MEGA walrus.



After that fish Sugar made us work, but we certainly enjoyed the grind and caught plenty of fish.

img_2770.jpg img_2767.jpg



After that trip the family and I headed to South Padre Island. We have never been and man was it nice. We stayed at a Beach front hotel on the beach with access to Schlitterbaun water park. Zero chance the family and I could of had a better time.





Then it was off to Vegas for a week. I spent the first 4 days Downtown at the D. “Free” limo, food and beautiful suite included…… I use the term “free” loosely as I got crushed on the tables. (financials will not be disclosed….lol.) The last 3 days were spent on the strip at the Cosmo and talk about a beautiful suite? My Cosmo host hooked me up with the most breathtaking view I have ever experienced in Vegas.



That was the view I had from my balcony. For a Vegas nut like myself it simply gets no better than that. Cosmo also treated me much better at the tables and I had several winning sessions and won’t need to sell any bodily fluids or organs upon returning.



I also got the chance to spend time with my favorite dealer. (Nugget downtown) I had not seen Lucy the last couple of trips and other dealers told me she was experiencing some tough times, but none would elaborate. Now listen I had a painfully tough last 12 months with my neck as many of ya’ll know. My last 12 months were nothing compared to my friend Lucy’s last 12 months. Lucy fell off a latter and broke her knee cap and ripped some ligaments. While recovering from that painful ordeal her 30 year old daughter finds out she has brain cancer. She just recently passed away. Here is a pic that the pitboss took of the two of us…….my favorite pic of the trip.



The lady in that pic is a true champion and a straight up salt of the earth human being. To see her light up as I yelled out “I love Lucy!” was worth the price of the trip. Keep her and her family in your prayers. Love ya Lucy.


I’m back in Zapata now and just a had a 2 day trip here on Falcon with Cary and the Candy Man. We caught about 25 fish a day with a 7.34 lb Falcon Lake walrus as our big fish.



We did everything from fishing in 1 foot of mud up on the North end of the lake to Cranking up by the dam and everything in between. Most fish were under 2 lbs and we didn’t have any one technique that out shined the other. A grind certainly comes to mind. I have these guys again in August for a two day Sugar trip……got a funny feeling a grind won’t be what comes to mind for that trip.

img_3016.jpg img_3017.jpg


Speaking of August….. I am completely booked up with jobs and vacations. September is wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide open for the moment. If you want a great border fishing experience drop me a line. I would love to have you. If you are reading these words right now…..Thanks.





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