From shut down to packed in a matter of days

Since I last wrote more fall out from Covid-19 hit Zapata, TX. Unfortunately this list of things I didn’t see coming continues to grow.

A few Items already on the list:

-All major sports shut down

-Las Vegas completely shut down

-A run on toilet paper that made the run on 90’s Beanie Babies and the 80’s Cabbage Patch Kids green with envy.

-Being told to stay home by big brother

-The utter collapse of the oil and gas industry


Now I can add the state by state decision to close lakes and water ways to the public. Never in my wildest of wild dreams did I see that coming……and it actually hit Falcon Lake, TX. For roughly 10 days give or take a day or 3. Falcon Lake went off limits April 8th. All ramps both public and private were ordered by the county be shut down. Now listen…….I do understand why Zapata did what it did. Easter is the biggest celebratory Holiday in these parts. Family and friends gather in the 100’s of 1000’s. If you have ever been here and tried to launch a boat over Easter weekend you know what I am talking about. The boat ramp looks closer to Woodstock than it does a ramp and parking lot. The secondary reason was to slow down the out of town fishermen coming to Zapata to fish. The lake has since re-opened and the last 10 days has seen crowds like I haven’t seen in years. The old expression, “you don’t miss something till it’s gone” has never been more true.


I have tried to stay busy during all this down time. Both boats have had their maintenance done and every lil thing fixed that could be fixed. Both have been detailed and waxed as well. Unfortunately my new boat is in storage as I have yet to pay my taxes on it. That means the boat, motor, and trailer haven’t been registered. My temp tags ran out and Texas Parks and Wild Life remain closed and won’t answer a phone. And for those wondering… you can’t register and pay your taxes on a new boat online. (grrrrrr) Soooooooo this is the home of the new boat……for now. (Mrs. High Stakes Bassin says she’ll pay the fine and wants me to use the new boat……might take her up on that tbh)



Luckily my 521vx has had all her maintenance done by the finest of fine folks at South Texas Marine. She received a clean bill of health and is ready for action. Fear not……that boat is a big fish magnet like no other.


I have hit the water a handful of times since last writing. I will tell you that Falcon is fishing the biggest and best I have personally seen since May of 2012. It’s been nearly 8 years since the overall fishing has been this good. What exactly do I mean by this? I mean that you can literally pick any rocky shallow point in the lake and grab a square bill and start whacking fish. From the dam to the Veleno the lake is fishing incredible. Which this is the main reason that the ramps are packed full of fishermen post lock down. I am still only taking a limited number of people fishing through the month of May. I am hopeful that this covid – 19 horseshit will start to become a distant memory soon and can be up and running at 100% by June 1st. If you want to book a trip in the month of May, call me. We can talk about your situation and if it fits my guidelines we will go out and have a trip of 9 lifetimes. Here are a few pics over the last couple of weeks or so.

img_1725.jpg img_1727.jpg

img_1726.jpg img_1730.jpg

img_1728.jpg img_1777.jpg

img_1719.jpg img_1776.jpg

img_1778.jpg img_1716.jpg


Thanks for checking in High Stakes Bassin Family.



Until next time…….


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