From salado to salinas …

….we hit the heck out of the trees early and zeroed. Yep nada. We hit the trees late and zeroed. Yep nada. We found one spot that was loaded. Casey did catch one in the 6 to 7 lb range today. We had two other big bites that did not get to the net as well. Without that spot we would have boated just 3 fish. What a grrrrrrind and a far cry from what these fellas experienced last July.

Mr. Ed, clouds, cowbell, and 100+ bass

A walrus, a good time, a PB, and a magical bush

These fellas nearly canceled their trip last year too. Why you ask? The reports including mine were pretty depressing. They decided to come anyways and did they ever get rewarded. These gentlemen have a few more days on their own and I can only hope the magic returns. My next two days are with Chad and Joel. Two top notch return clients that have had some great trips with me in the past. (Fingers crossed)



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