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From Nasty to beautiful in 6 hours…..schedule update.

I got on the water pretty late today. Man the weather was terrible….misting, cold and a much stronger wind out of the North than expected. I ended up going North to the river and checked several creeks that I had not been in for roughly 9 months. Of the creeks that I checked only one had really nice water clarity. The rest were a lot chalkier than what I like to see. The fishing was anything, but “on”. I caught 7 fish up the river and all of them came from one creek and one road bed in particular. No whoppers by any stretch of the imagination. All 7 were caught on a trap as well. (Red Eye Tungsten dbl tap) The last two hours of the day were fan freaking tastic. The North wind layed and the sun came out. I did have one “big” bite today from the Veleno. I set the hook and it sure was nice to feel a big girl pulsating on the other end of my rod. (get ur mind out of the gutter) I’m 0-1 to start the year out on Walruses. That little finesse circle hook was no match…..I’m kicking myself for not tying on a regular freaking hook. oh well. I had to call Elmo today and tell him I had to back out on the trip for tomorrow. I hated to do it, but I am having an issue with one of the fillings I just got. The dang thing has a bur on it and is slicing up my damn tongue. Sooooooo I can’t reschedule this appointment like I thought I would be able to. Shitshow. Elmo hasn’t been down to see me in like 10 months…..needless to say I’m a bit bummed out, but we’ll see Elmo sooner rather than later I believe and I’m looking forward to it.



Remember my comment about March a few days back? Here is a look.



There are still plenty of holes, but out of 3 phone calls a day, 2 of them are inquiring about March availability….. So if March is the month you are targeting, please don’t delay. With that said….I love me some February and April on Falcon and Sugar Lake too.



Cooooooooome on down.







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