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From Chicago to South Padre Islands to Falcon Lake Texas

Quite the vacation for Derek, Shelley, Vern, Judy and Grandson Noah. I took out Judy, Vern and their Son in Law Derek for a 1 day trip on Falcon Lake. 1 day trips are tough. Usually the first day you spend feeling out what your clients enjoy and excel at. The following days you make some adjustments based on the intel gathered from day 1. I would of loved to have had these three for at least one more day. My pile of rocks on the South end of the lake would of been perfect for them. I had planned on heading South from the County boat ramp, but Mother Nature said that wasn’t happening. We had a MUCH stronger SE wind for most of the day today. Heading to our first spot I could tell Derek wasn’t taking the bumps all that well and seemed nervous. I found out he’s had both hips replaced. Needless to say there was 0% chance of us heading any farther South. We started out the day¬†whacking and stacking with Judy getting us in the JR. Walrus category real quick like.



These three were great to spend the day with and most people would of asked to put the boat on the trailer at noon. We hit a dry stretch that would of made the Mojave Desert look like an oasis. I’m serious……we couldn’t buy a dang fish for 4 hours, but then Derek caught our best fish of the day on a 5 inch Yum Dinger.



I’m so glad these three stuck with it because that fish is a dang nice fish for Falcon Lake right now. After Derek and I high fived and chest bumped a few time we all¬†decided to call it a day. Thanks for including Highstakesbassin on your family vacation. Gooooo Bulls!






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