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From 43 fish days to 3 fish days to everywhere in between and my annual Basschamps prediction

It has not been easy here along the border. Have we had a good day or two? Sure, but the other days have been nothing short of terrible and I’m not just talking about the catching either.


That’s Barbara the Walrus Whacking Barbarian in there and yes it was BRUTALLY cold for their trip and that’s been a common theme with the exception of the 90 degree days we had last weekend. Some February’s are magical…..February of 2019 will not be described as such.


OK, OK, OK…….I’m done beating up my beloved Falcon hopefully for the rest of 2019. With all the struggles recently we still managed 3 personal best Walruses.






I also can’t say enough great things about all of my clients that have come down during this tough tough tough stretch. Every single trip was a great time on the water even when the catching was anything, but spectacular. MANY MANY MANY thanks over. Here are a few Jr. Walrus from the last handful of trips.

img_5838.jpg img_5843.jpg

img_5837.jpg img_5849.jpg

img_5877.jpg img_5863.jpg

img_5855.jpg img_5856.jpg



My Basschamps predictions over the years have been spot on. The one tomorrow may break some records and I ain’t talking about the records you wanna see broke either.

1st Place – 27.94 pounds

Check line – 17.43 pounds

Big Bass – 9.13 lbs

50% of the field will not weigh 5 keepers


I wish em the best as they will also have your typical February weather to contend with as well. Be Safe.


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