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Flu Bug, a tough as nails head cold and a Vegas trip

By May 6, 2013No Comments



Yes folks that pic sums up the gambling portion of my Vegas trip…….a dealer 8 card 21.  ugh.




The above pic  sums up how I felt the entire trip.  Danny, my web guy, steps off the plane with the death plague.  He checked into his hotel room and immediately threw up.  He then came down to join us at the blackjack table and spread his plague.  My immune system took a major dump.  I spent 14 hours throwing up and then my tonsils flipped out and I came down with the worst cold I have had since my teaching days.  I am still fighting the cold, but I am currently winning the fight.  The flight home nearly killed me.  All of the mucus got pushed to my ears and we are talking pain meds and two heating pads worth of disaster here.  Good news is that I got a sympathy Vegas pass from the Mrs. so a return trip in the not so distant future looks promising.  I love the $150 round trip flights and my rooms are comped so it’s a dag gone nice cheap get away for me.  Yes, I do love the green felt of Vegas.  The silver lining in all this, is that I have slept a lot and I have not had any stress on my neck in better than a week.  I am ready to rock Wednesday.  I have a group of 3 for a four day trip.  It feels like these fellas have had this trip booked for 3 years…  I am very much looking forward to getting these men on some big girls.  Their first day appears to have some wind issues that will have to be worked around, but I would rather have the SSE wind issues as apposed to all the North wind issues the folks here have been dealing with in my absence.  I might hit the water tomorrow, but there is a better chance that I will take one more day to put this head cold behind me and in the rearview mirror.