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Falcon Report

Flip Master Philip and a pretty dang good day

By February 23, 2013February 24th, 2013No Comments

Today was Philip’s turn to ride the Falcon Rollercoaster and once again it wasn’t nose diving on us. I didn’t fish much today. I was too busy watching this guy throw darts with his lure……goodness, I was embarrassed to pick up a rod. The guy could cast. When he was done with a bush or tree there wasn’t a lot of meat left on the bone if ya know what I mean.



We caught fish from 1 ft to 20……mind you 99% came in that 1-4 ft range. Spinners were the ticket especially early on. We switched over to brushhogs and senkos when the sun came out. You have to really fish slow right now folks. When you make that perfect cast, let it soak and hang on. OOOOLLLLLLEEEE Jimmy Behnken had a monster day today and he told me last night to meet him over in this spot and did I? nope. Captain Hard Head came out to play……thanks for the tip and invite Jim, very much appreciated. Philip and I will be back at it tomorrow….I plan on fishing a little harder to help my man Phillip out.




Oh…..almost forgot….




At least this time he didn’t bite my @ss……sorry Philip, that was a dang good fish too.


bug off